Why Buy From Roth Jewelers

For five generations, Roth Jewelers has provided our customers a thorough diamond education as the basis for choosing the right stones. We have two certified gemologists on staff who supervise our diamond program. Our diamond experts explain about cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Small differences in these basic characteristics make for big differences in price and fit for use in different types of jewelry.

Roth Jewelers primarily deals in GIA certified diamonds. GIA certification standards are substantially more rigorous than those used by most other certification labs or underlying store-branded warranties. Most of the larger diamonds we source are laser encoded which physically links a stone to its GIA certificate. GIA certified diamonds give you complete assurance of authenticity.

We have long term relationships with diamond dealers in New York and Israel, plus access to international manufacturer/dealer networks. We source diamonds at the best prices on a stone-by-stone basis as each diamond is unique and some within a grade are inevitably better than others. We look for the best deals for each of our customers rather than buying diamonds in bulk and parceling out the good with the less favorable. Over the years, we have sourced millions of dollars of diamonds for our customers for use in jewelry or investment purposes. Regardless of how big or how much, we find the best diamond values for each of our customers based on their individual requirements.

Roth Jewelers is in business for the long run exclusively in the Cedar Valley. Our survival and success is grounded in providing our customers exceptional value, quality and service that they trust. Our key people are long term employees you will work with now and for years to come -- several have been with us between 10 and 35 years. They are compensated for achieving the satisfaction of our customers and the long run success of our firm. Since 1931, we have never paid anyone a sales commission, which we believe avoids an obvious conflict of interest.

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