Precious Metal - Earrings - Jewelry

  1. SKU 86800:SAS255:SASP
    Sterling Silver Single Initial Z Earring
  2. SKU R17025:SAS604:SASP
    Sterling Silver Celtic-Inspired Trinity Earrings
  3. SKU R17024:SAS604:SASP
    Sterling Silver .01 CTW Diamond Cross Earrings
  4. SKU R17022:SAS604:SASP
    Sterling Silver Cross with Heart Youth Earrings
  5. SKU R17014:SAS614:SASP
    Sterling Silver 10 mm Cross Earrings

  6. SKU 86739:SAS604:SASP
    Sterling Silver Star of David Earrings

  7. SKU 87230:SAS1175:SASP
    14K White Single Initial Z Earring

  8. SKU R16577:SAS100009:SASP
    Sterling Silver CrossFish Earrings

  9. SKU R16536:SAS2699050:SASP
    14K Yellow 12x9 mm Cross Lever Back Earrings- Pair
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